A new ideal for the delivery of civil legal aid in Philadelphia

The Equal Justice Center embodies the Philadelphia legal community’s commitment to the promise of equality under law. It will be an enduring structure that continues to give back to the City and the greater Philadelphia region. Located at 800-30 Vine Street, the facility will be home to 13 civil legal aid agencies and social services organizations, bringing a new national standard for collaboration and efficiency for free and low-cost legal services. Additional agencies may have a future affiliation with the EJC.


​The EJC was initiated by the Philadelphia Bar Foundation in conjunction with the development of 800-30 Vine Street, managed by Pennrose. Award-winning architectural firm WRT is designing the EJC building in close consultation with the local community. Regional Housing Legal Services and other important partner organizations have dedicated countless hours to make this project a reality. The project was selected by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority​ through a public, highly competitive process.

​Shared Efficiency

Housing peer non-profit organizations in one central location at the EJC will allow both the non-profit and their clients to benefit from the synergies created by co-location. The EJC’s shared efficiency model will help organizations reduce expenses, serve clients effectively, and make better use of their resources to provide potentially more services.

The EJC radically changes the way we provide civil legal aid services in Philadelphia


  • 2012: The Philadelphia Bar Foundation conceives a plan to aggregate the majority of the legal aid agencies into one central location so that the groups and their clients could benefit from the efficiencies and synergies created by co-location
  • 2017: The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority awards the Bar Foundation the right to develop the Equal Justice Center on a site at 8th and Race Streets
  • 2018: Capital Campaign fundraising begins. City Council approval on construction expected
  • 2022: The EJC will open its doors


  • 13 civil legal aid agency service partners from all around Greater Philadelphia will have offices in the EJC
  • The EJC is a 140,000 square foot building that is designed to pursue LEED Silver Certification, Version 4
  • Community space inside the EJC is designated for public use
  • 30,000 square feet of artfully landscaped, pedestrian-friendly open public space will be located outside the EJC

About Legal Aid

The organizations in the EJC provide civil legal aid services which exist to help members of our community access basic necessities.

Join the exciting EJC project to support Philadelphia civil legal aid

You can be a part of the project that will set a new national standard for inter‐agency collaboration, operational efficiency, and client‐centered delivery of free or low-cost legal services.