A new ideal for the delivery of civil legal aid in Philadelphia

The Equal Justice Center embodies the Philadelphia legal community’s commitment to the promise of equality under law. Our new initiatives are enduring projects that will elevate national standards for collaboration and efficiency for free and low-cost legal services.


​The EJC was initiated by the Philadelphia Bar Foundation in to strengthen our civil legal aid system and help individuals, families, and communities achieve improved outcomes and thrive. The Foundation is eager to join forces with other civic sectors – education, medicine, social services, business, government, and philanthropy – to advance this important work together.

​Shared Efficiency

The new EJC initiatives will allow both the legal aid nonprofits and their clients to benefit from the synergies created by shared efficiencies. Collective goals include reducing expenses, serving clients more effectively, and making better use of resources to provide more services.

The EJC projects will change the way we provide civil legal aid services in Philadelphia

About Legal Aid

The organizations in the EJC provide civil legal aid services which exist to help members of our community access basic necessities.

Join the exciting EJC project to support Philadelphia civil legal aid

You can be a part of the project that will set a new national standard for inter‐agency collaboration, operational efficiency, and client‐centered delivery of free or low-cost legal services.