Pro Bono Institute Spotlights the Equal Justice Center

PBI Flyers

The Pro Bono Institute, a D.C.-based nonprofit, recently spotlighted the Equal Justice Center in their blog, the PBEye, for its pioneering efforts for the pro bono community. 

The blog post analogizes the EJC to an emergency room in a hospital, both of which provide the public with a single access point for various needs. 

“Consider the day when the EJC opens and [many] diverse legal services are under one roof: senior law services down the hall from specialists in immigration services, a child advocacy attorney encountering a women’s rights attorney and having a casual conversation that results in the improved service delivery to a single mother and her children. These outcomes are the ideal for legal service collaboration and the EJC will bring this ideal to our community,” says Jessica Hilburn-Holmes, the Executive Director of the Bar Foundation.

The PBEye notes that the EJC will serve as a central hub for the pro bono legal community in Philadelphia and benefit the community by increasing awareness, resources, and cross-sector collaboration. 

Read the full article in The PBEye.